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Pullbox Previews Archie Comics Facsimile Editions, starting with unintentionally cheeky Betty & Me #16

It’s the cover that snuck past the Comics Code Authority and would go on to spawn a million memes! Archie Comics is proud to present this highly sought after issue of BETTY AND ME #16 faithfully reprinted in a full-facsimile edition! ICONIC ARCHIE COMICS RETURN TO PRINT WITH NEW FACSIMILE LINE! Archie Comics launches a […]

Pullbox Previews Chlobot in the City #1- A chaotic left-of-center waltz through a post-apocalyptic world

Chlobot in the City is a humorous take on the post-apocalypse where humanity has all but been wiped out and giant drunken robots rule the world. It’s a mixture of Clerks, Seinfeld, HP Lovecraft and Mad Max. This is the first issue in a new series which introduces readers to this off-kilter world where sometimes […]

Pullbox Previews Let My People Ball: Prologue- “The grandeur of The Prince of Egypt meets the ridiculous humor of Veggietales”

The Biballical Chronicles: Let My People Ball portrays the legendary story of Moses in the book of Exodus with the zaniness of a Saturday morning cartoon. The three-issue series will fly through the entire narrative arc from the Israelites’ enslavement to their grand escape into the wilderness. The vision for this series is the grandeur […]

Pullbox Previews The Lestrygonians, Episode 1: Apocalypse of Destiny

The Lestrygonians is a brilliantly illustrated, humorous and accidentally esoteric portrayal of the author’s struggle with his own inner giants (demons, issues, proclivities, etc.).  Various facets of his personality have found representations as a headless man, a chicken, an undertaker, a guy who drives a cloud and runs a gas station and several others.  “Apocalypse of […]

In the spirit of Halloween, Necromancer Bill #1 for FREE, compliments of Darby Pop Publishing!

Necromancer Bill #1 Read online for FREE! Darby Pop Publishing Writer: Robert Menegus Artist: David Brame Colorist: Gabriel Roldan Letterer: Frank Cvetkovic (From the publisher’s website) “Pet Sematary” meets every Seth Rogen movie ever made as a regular schlub (Bill) is accidentally granted the power of necromancy.  In other words, Bill can now raise the dead […]

Pullbox Reviews: The Almighties – A Jejune Look at Superhero Teams

The Almighties Writing – Sam Johnson/ Mike Gagnon Art – Eleonora Kortsarz, Pablo Zambrano, DC White, and others Actuality Press The Almighties is a superhero team of atypical superheroes, loosely gathered together by the wealthy “White Out” to fight crime. The actual leader is a man named Stefano who runs a restaurant and has connections […]

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