Pullbox Previews Chlobot in the City #1- A chaotic left-of-center waltz through a post-apocalyptic world

Chlobot in the City is a humorous take on the post-apocalypse where humanity has all but been wiped out and giant drunken robots rule the world. It’s a mixture of Clerks, Seinfeld, HP Lovecraft and Mad Max. This is the first issue in a new series which introduces readers to this off-kilter world where sometimes buying your friend a birthday gift is more unsettling than bumping into a giant talking squid in the middle of the desert. Chlobot has a unique style due to the traditional methods used to create this release.

Chlobot in the City will be available from 22nd of May digitally through Global Comics and Amazon. There is a limited print run which will be available from Kro Studios.

Kro has worked as a graphic designer, illustrator and tattoo artist over the years but has recently decided to focus on pursuing their main passion which is comics. For more about Kro please visit www.krostudios.com

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