Pullbox Reviews: The Almighties – A Jejune Look at Superhero Teams

The Almighties

Writing – Sam Johnson/ Mike Gagnon
Art – Eleonora Kortsarz, Pablo Zambrano, DC White, and others

Actuality Press

TheAlmighties#0wwVariantCover TheAlmighties#12ndPrintpromocover

The Almighties is a superhero team of atypical superheroes, loosely gathered together by the wealthy “White Out” to fight crime. The actual leader is a man named Stefano who runs a restaurant and has connections everywhere. He seems to be the voice of reason for this collection of not-quite-heroes, which includes: Maxi-Tron (egotistical Field Leader with super-tech armor), Nite Fang (a real jerk who becomes a surprisingly lucid yet still jerky werewolf), Ms. F (A post-abuse MILF given strength and flight from a radioactive dust mite), and Mason (an amoral super soldier who likes to kill things).

Issue #0 is an introduction to the background of the team along with a side story about possible future additions to the team, and issue #1 is the team’s first adventure. It’s definitely meant to be humorous and many of the jokes work really well. It’s a comedy of misinformation and the gullibility of team only helps that along.

The rotating cast of artists also seems to work, as they’re all working in a similar style that serves the story.

The 14-year-old boy that lives inside me chuckled several times while reading. The adult woman found a real lack of maturity, but this seems to be early work for this team;  hopefully with time, the respect for these characters will increase and a great story will come out.


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