Pullbox Previews Let My People Ball: Prologue- “The grandeur of The Prince of Egypt meets the ridiculous humor of Veggietales”

The Biballical Chronicles: Let My People Ball portrays the legendary story of Moses in the book of Exodus with the zaniness of a Saturday morning cartoon. The three-issue series will fly through the entire narrative arc from the Israelites’ enslavement to their grand escape into the wilderness. The vision for this series is the grandeur of The Prince of Egypt meets the ridiculous humor of Veggietales.

Trigger warnings for this comic: antisemitism, child death, childbirth, slavery, and scary creatures.

The prologue has been released on the official website for free. The rest of Issue 1 will be released this winter.

Ife J. Ibitayo is an aerospace engineer and science fiction writer who’s worked on some of the coolest projects in the world from platooning, self-driving semitrucks to “drone-izing” a fighter jet. His science fiction stories have been published in a number of award-winning magazines including Escape Pod and Andromeda Spaceways Magazine. He founded LightReads in the summer of 2023 to tell “meaning-filled” stories and enable others to do the same. This is the first comic book he’s created.

Milo Polley is an LGBTQ+ comic author-artist and a freelance illustrator based in Indianapolis. He is the creator of the ongoing comic drama Goose Goose Duck. Having worked with many clients around the world to bring their stories to life, Milo’s focus is on off-the-wall narratives with a strong emphasis on character-driven storytelling, and his soft, painterly artwork can run the gamut of emotions between lighthearted whimsy and intense emotional drama. He graduated with a BFA at the Herron School of Art and Design in 2019 and has exhibited and sold his own self-published comics.

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