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Pullbox Previews High On Life #1- A story of “Guts, Gore, Redemption… and Lost Love”, based on the video game from Squanch Games

The debut comic based on the hit game from Squanch Games! The bounty hunter has become the hunted! Though they restored peace to the cosmos by killing Garmantuous, there’s no rest for the Bounty Hunter when a brutal new threat to Humans shoots its way onto the scene. Armed with plucky & determined Harper – […]

Pullbox Previews Time Wars 1: Battle of the Blood Golem

“Time Wars: the Adventures of Kobra Olympus” is about a trans and Muslim lesbian woman living her life in Seattle, when she is suddenly conscripted by time travelers into an endless conflict between Humans and monsters, called the Time Wars. Further issues are planned, with “Issue #2: Robot Rumble” already well into development, expected for […]

Pullbox Previews End of the World Pizza – An immersive comic/video game using Augmented Reality

My name is Rob Shields, and I am excited to introduce you to End of the World Pizza (EWP) my new groundbreaking book that that combines the magic of modern comics with the immersive fun of classic arcade games to create a new genre of interactive storytelling. Artist/Writer/Developer: Rob Shields Synopsis: In this cyber-noir thriller, […]

Pullbox Previews – Magic Planeswalkers: Notorious #1

BOOM! Studios revealed a first look at MAGIC PLANESWALKERS: NOTORIOUS #1. The prolific and award-winning author, and Magic: The Gathering superfan, Cullen Bunn (Ghostlore, Harrow County) brings his love for Magic to the page alongside a story by acclaimed writer Rich Douek (Magic, Sea of Sorrows), with artists French Carlomagno (Firefly: Brand New ‘Verse, The Dead Lucky) and Carlos Pedro […]

Back This: The Ultimate Game Master Screen

The Ultimate Game Master Screen Kickstarter is now LIVE Early bird deals are available for a limited time here: From the creators: We’re VERY excited to welcome you to our Kickstarter for The Ultimate Game Master Screen. We (Forged Gaming & RealmSmith) have come together to create “The Ultimate Game Master” brand to build the VERY […]

Pathfinder & Starfinder Comics Come to Kickstarter!

Dynamite Entertainment has announced an exciting new Kickstarter that allows fans to immerse themselves in thrilling Pathfinder and Starfinder graphic novels. The campaign, live now, intends to produce hardcover editions of the fantasy comic Pathfinder: Wake the Dead and the science-fantasy Starfinder: Angels of the Drift, as well as a collection of the Pathfinder: Worldscape crossover specials. As a bonus, backers will receive playable […]

Shadowman returns to gaming!

Shadowman, the best-selling fan favourite comic series with more than 5 million copies sold, reawakens to explore haunting secrets and voodoo mysticism in Shadowman: Darque Legacy. The all new action-horror game from developer and publisher Blowfish Studios in partnership with renowned comic publisher Valiant Entertainment and their parent company DMG Entertainment will emerge from the darkness on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series […]

Green Ronin Publishing teamed up with Valiant for new update to Mutants & Masterminds

Green Ronin Publishing announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with DMG Entertainment and Valiant Entertainment and will be publishing the Valiant Adventures Roleplaying Game in 2024. The game is based on Green Ronin’s popular and award-winning Mutants & Masterminds RPG. “We have designed RPG material that’s appeared in Valiant comics before, so making a full roleplaying […]

Bring Back Life To The Land With Rultmoork.

Limited hardcover print edition is now available!  Four years in the making, Rultmoork is the new deluxe adventure by award-winning writer Jonathan G. Nelson of Rise of the Drow fame!  Extensively playtested and created to provide versatile, nonlinear playing experiences, Rultmoork challenges roleplayers of all levels and more tactically inclined groups alike!This is a limited edition, never to be […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2024