thePullbox breaks new ground at Ancient City Con 2023!

Representing thePullbox at Ancient City Con2023

Having just moved into the area, I was on the lookout for some convention action once we’d settled in a bit. Happy I was, then, to see that just up the road in St. Augustine, there was a fine little con this weekend. I spent some time wandering the small but fun-filled floor, taking in the scenery & knocking some things off of my to-do list.

My first stop was to chat with author Joel Newlon. He was a friendly fellow, more than happy to take the time to tell me about his books…

From the age of seven, Dunstan has been enslaved in the army of Thursley. After thirty years in the fire of constant warfare, he has been forged into an unbreakable warrior.

Oswynn is the property of the Sisters of the Withered Branch, the order of witches who serve the earls of Thursley. Brighter and more gifted than her fellows, she yearns for so much more.

Hand-in-hand together, they will risk it all and ask the question: can one man and one woman really stand against the traditions of hatred and break the chains of bondage, or are they doomed to forever be… Slaves of the Sword and Wand?

A dwarfen craftsman who forged the weapons of the gods.

An apprentice wizard living with disabilities.

A lonely woodcutter afraid to spread her wings and fly.

When an evil creature rises from the dead and begins stealing children from their beds, only this unlikely trio can help.

On the way, they will have to face evil in many forms. Everything from magical creatures and men who won’t let others love who they want, to an evil king who may seem familiar to anyone watching the news today.

The Craftsman and the Wizard is a classic tale of fantasy where the unlikeliest of heroes triumph over evil and show that love is so powerful, it can even slay a god.

  • The Imortal (pictured above)- An adventure that spans the centuries…

Rapists, child molesters, and murderers are being slaughtered the world over in a most brutal fashion. INTERPOL agent Catherine Aubert is tasked with catching the vigilante responsible, but to do so, she must learn the answer to two all-important questions: First, how does she stop an ageless warrior who can’t be killed? And second, does she really want to?

Mike cannot die. It is his destiny to roam through the ages, stopping those who live to hurt others. Tormented by the suffering he has seen and the death he has wrought with his own hands, in the heart of Mexico, he hopes to find a way to finally rest in peace. But with Agent Aubert and her partner, Mexican federal agent Jorge Garcia, closing in fast and nothing being quite what it seems, his fate is still far from certain.

Next up, I had a chat with artist Jason Sobol. He seemed happy to take the time to talk about a few things, and still managed to pay attention to everyone interested in his work. He had a sale going, so I nabbed a few of his prints. I also picked up a copy of his very own self-published comic book… Man-Shark Man! This was a very cool looking book, featuring an anthropomorphized shark of uncertain origin.

What was the day’s highlight for me, was the chance to meet & get an autograph from actor Jeffery Combs (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Re-Animator, The Frighteners). If you’ve spent any time at all watching sci fi or horror movies, you’ve seen him. He was a gentleman, seemed to genuinely enjoy talking with everyone who stopped by his table, and got a laugh when I told him that I’d been a fan since I was too young to be watching movies like Re-Animator on late night cable television.

Got an autograph, too!

Finally, I had to pick up an Ancient City Con exclusive, their very own adventure comic, Ancient City Adventures!

All in all, this was a nice way to spend a couple hours. The con is geared mainly toward anime, and there were plenty of those fans showing their love. Of vendors, there were plenty, with local artists and artisans showing their wares and hoping to gain some new fans.

Thanks for having me, Ancient City. Catch you next year!

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