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The Ultimate Game Master Screen Kickstarter is now LIVE

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From the creators:

We’re VERY excited to welcome you to our Kickstarter for The Ultimate Game Master Screen. We (Forged Gaming & RealmSmith) have come together to create “The Ultimate Game Master” brand to build the VERY BEST in products for Game Masters. Our first is a REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT  that is central to every gaming table… The Ultimate Game Master Screen.


A number of premium features make this screen system REALLY different than others. 

  • Every panel contains a rigid metal sheet, stitched and sewn into place – which allows magnets to stick firmly to every surface, inside, and out. Other systems have specific magnets, in specific places – so you HAVE to stick the magnets to wherever they tell you to. 
  • The Dice Tower Clasp holds the screen closed. It is made of metal on the inside, so it also protects your screen. It has enough space on the inside to store 15-20 rivet magnets (which stick to the inside) while you’re carrying your screen around, all snug and protected. 
  • The Dice Tower Clasp is also… a dice tower. It holds magnetically to any of the panels, in or out, and easily moves to wherever you need it. Secret rolls on the inside, or epic rolls on the outside, it’s a versatile, beautiful, and useful addition to your screen. 
  • Because there are SO many different TTRPGs, we provide a set of blank magnetic tables to either transcribe common rule sets onto, or for your own homebrew rule sets. They are wet/dry erase and can be reused ad-infinitum. You can’t do this with other screens. Official rulesets will be available as pre-printed magnets you can add-on to your pledge. Stay tuned during the campaign for those! 
  • We love (and own) a number of amazing Game Master screen systems that have launched on Kickstarter… but we would NOT want to carry them around. They are simply not portable enough… The Ultimate Game Master Screen is.  So we do. Carry it around. EVERYWHERE. 
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