Pullbox Previews End of the World Pizza – An immersive comic/video game using Augmented Reality

My name is Rob Shields, and I am excited to introduce you to End of the World Pizza (EWP) my new groundbreaking book that that combines the magic of modern comics with the immersive fun of classic arcade games to create a new genre of interactive storytelling.

Artist/Writer/Developer: Rob Shields

Synopsis: In this cyber-noir thriller, you are the detective hunting a serial killer inside an artificial reality where AI has stolen everyone’s face.

End of the World Pizza is a comic book/video game hybrid that bends reality as it invites it’s reader to become the central character in an interactive narrative brought to life with stunning animation and a John Carpenter inspired darkwave soundtrack composed by Krome Kid Music. 

Launch date is October 12th, 2023

Augmented Reality (AR) Features:

Full motion & sound…

Dynamic panels…

Mini Boss battles…

Comic scanner system…

Tilt controls!

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