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Pullbox Previews End of the World Pizza – An immersive comic/video game using Augmented Reality

My name is Rob Shields, and I am excited to introduce you to End of the World Pizza (EWP) my new groundbreaking book that that combines the magic of modern comics with the immersive fun of classic arcade games to create a new genre of interactive storytelling. Artist/Writer/Developer: Rob Shields Synopsis: In this cyber-noir thriller, […]

Pullbox Reviews: The Lost Gardens #7- Giant fishmen… why did it have to be giant fishmen?

The Lost Gardens #7 Rabbit Hole Studios Written by James Babineau Illustrated by Debora Lancianese Colors by Michael Woods Letters by Robin Jones 1-6 Available in… Print (check with your LCS or here), issue 7 coming soon Digital for the Kindle (issues 1-7) The Lost Gardens follows the life of Shawn Myers, a meek employee […]

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