Pullbox Kickstarter Preview for Plainer Jane, the collected trade paperback

The thrilling story of a seemingly ordinary teenage girl who becomes a brutally efficient killer for hire.

With no training or special skills, just her own cunning, brutality, and fearlessness, Jane leaves a trail of bodies behind her. Ultimately going head to head with the feared and secretive criminal gang The Nexus, in a war that could ultimately cost not only her life but the lives of everyone she loves.

(From the Publisher) There has been a LOT of work done to make sure that this complete standalone book is worth owning, even if you have all the original issue.

  • Every page has been coloured by Linda Scott Campbell. They look incredible as you can see from the samples.
  • The original issues have all been completely redrawn by Samir Simão, so the art is consistently fantastic throughout. With the same artist from start to finish.
  • The book has been fully re-edited and re-lettered to improve the overall pacing.
  • Several extra pages have been added to the final chapter, adding an exciting new dimension to the ending.
  • Lots of character art and other bits and pieces have also been added. This really is the ultimate edition of the book.

thePullbox- A while back, we posted a review of the beautifully done (& a little disturbing) story about Jane, an average teenager living her life and trying to what to do with it. Now, Team Plain is putting all of Jane’s shenanigans into a collected, full-color trade paperback. That’ll be available soon through a Kickstarter campaign that everyone hopes will be a slashing… sorry, I meant smashing success.

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