Pullbox Kickstarter Preview for Stellarlands, epic sci-fi adventure coming soon to our galaxy…

Coming soon to Kickstarter… We don’t have a lot of information on this one so far, but what I’ve seen has me thirsty for more.

But hey, how ’bout a trailer to whet the whistle?

I’m Martin Ponferrada, the writer of “Stellarlands,” and I’m very excited to submit our comic book for review!  I really think our work deserves your attention for its unique perspective, its focus on real-world issues, and its wild, intersecting, multi-narrative style.

Artist Ben Worrell and myself were inspired by David Simon’s “The Wire,” so like that show, each issue of “Stellarlands” follows a different institution and set of characters, thus giving readers a new angle on the war at the centre of this epic saga. Our protagonists are all flawed, and in the midst of a sci-fi universe filled with advanced tech and limitless expansion, they battle all-too human issues like addiction, depression, and corporate red tape. 

In this way, our work is a response to Martin Scorsese’s argument that comic books aren’t art or cinema. In fact, we are trying to show that comics can be just as grounded and meaningful and thought-provoking as any other medium. So I do hope you’ll give “Stellarlands” a chance and see for yourself what we’ve created.

Martin Ponferrada
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