Pullbox Kickstarter Preview for Shadow of a Gun, a true crime story, told firsthand by the one who lived it

Shadow of a Gun tells the true story of Mitchell and two of his roommates being held up at gunpoint while in college. This graphic novel set in the year 2000 follows them from the moment of the crime through to the end of their time in court.

“For the past twenty years I wanted to tell my story. To talk about my journey through this trauma and how much therapy helped me.” Mitchell said. “I had finished up an anthology comic and was looking for a more personal story to tell. The time seemed right to tackle these events.”

Mitchell is best known for his The Chronicles of the Tal Nor comic series and his Mini Emotions weekly webcomic. He also had a story featured in the Hugo nominated The 27 Club published by Red Stylo Media.

In addition to Mitchell, the Shadow of a Gun team includes artist Monica Gallagher (Assassin Roommate, Boo! It’s Sex!, The Black Ghost, Part-Time Princesses, and Bonnie N. Collide) and editor Jenny Fengler (The Chronicles of the Tal Nor).

“Monica Gallagher is the perfect artist for this story. Her art is amazingly emotive; you can see complex emotions on her characters’ faces. Her style works for every genre. I knew my story would be in good hands with Monica.”

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