Back This: Plan 59 From Outer Space

60 years later,the story continues…

Michael Dolceand James Mascia bring to life the 59th plan of alien invaders 60 years afterits original inception. Plan 9 From OuterSpace, directed by Ed Wood, told the story of aliens attempting to raisethe dead to destroy humanity, all to prevent the creation of agalaxy-destroying weapon. But what happened after their ninth plan failed? Plan 59 From Outer Space, the latestcomic property beautifully illustrated by Joaquin Gonzalez and colored by thetalented Daniele Caramanico, picks up the story almost 60 years later.

Humanity hasfought off nearly 50 alien invasion attempts in the intervening years. But now,the aliens are back with a new plan that is so nefarious it might work. Howwill they try to destroy humanity this time? By using our own cell phonesagainst us.

Plan 59 From Outer Space is a64-page full-color trade paperback offering readers and collectors at 1 of 4 orALL FOUR covers done by the talented Gregbo, Rich Ortiz, and Miguel Angel, withpackages ranging from $10-$90.

“All of ushave to pursue our dreams, no matter what. It’s the way we find happiness inour own lives.”

Plan 59 From Outer Space will launch soon on Kickstarter, so stay tuned for updates on how to support the project and get your copy.

“What willthey do next, huh?” ~ Michael Dolce


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