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Pullbox Reviews: Woodland Creatures Vol. 2 – One of the best books I have read in 2022!

Woodland Creatures Vol 2: Wild Souls (Site)  Creator / Writer – Cristina Roswell Writer – Fali Ruiz-Davila Art – Tomas Aira Letterer – Gonzalo Durate)  Callie, a 25 y/o killer who’s soul-linked to a wolf, and her boyfriend Chris, a PTSD suffering soldier that constantly has to clean up her mess, must stop the US […]

Pullbox Reviews: Woodland Creatures: Wild Souls Ushers in A New Kind of Werewolf!

Out in the next couple weeks for those who were savvy enough to back it on Kickstarter is the first volume (of three) of Woodland Creatures, by Cristina Roswell. With scripting by Fali Ruiz-Davila, art by Tomas Aira and lettering by Gonzalo Duarte (and assistant edited by none other than our very own Paul Baumeister!), Wild Souls is a new kind of werewolf tale: presented from the perspective of the lycans themselves, we’re engaged with an Alaskan Inuit spin on the mythology, rather than the standard European take. (11.5/13)

Pullbox Pre/Re/views: Woodland Creatures – Not your run of the mill urban fantasy story

Based on the novels Created & Written by Cristina Roswell Graphic Novel Written by Rafael Ruiz-Davila Illustrated by Tomas Aira “In a world where almost all links with nature have been broken but the most primitive instincts of the human being prevail, who’s the real predator? They all hide one inside, but only some will […]

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