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Pullbox Reviews Geiger: Ground Zero- The first swing at a new creator-owned comic world, from Ghost Machine

Set twenty-five years in the future after the mysterious UNKNOWN WAR, husband and father Tariq Geiger lost his humanity in the aftermath of the nuclear war that took his family from him. Now, capable of absorbing radiation but struggling to contain it, Geiger is known as THE GLOWING MAN. He’s the last person you want […]

Pullbox Indie Spotlight on The Last Aviatrix – When you hear her engines, look to the skies

The Last Aviatrix, by Michael “Buster” Cagle Available in Digital and Paper Issues (American comic) Adventure, Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic. Self Published Copyright holder: Michael Alexander Cagle On-Sale Now Available to read for free online Available for Purchase in print 90 Years after The American War. The Last Aviatrix still flies above the ruined wastelands of this […]

Pullbox Previews: Reburn – Follow “Our Lady May” against the Unity

Reburn Alyson Shelton (writer) Elise McCall (artist) Hilary Jenkins (corlorist/variant artist) Joamette Gil (letterer) Jessica Petelle (producer/editor) Moriah Atlas Ruth Ilano In the future, Catastrophic floods hit our planet which leave behind massive destruction and a woman they name, May. Super-powered and ready to fight, she joins forces with a woman who calls herself Hope. […]

Kickstarter Spotlight on The Surgeon #4- A “Blood-and-dust post-apocalyptic Western”

The Surgeon #4, now live on Kickstarter! HAMILTON, MT — Fans of the blood-and-dust post-apocalyptic Western comic The Surgeon are about to be rewarded with a fourth chapter in the series, now powering up as a “Project We Love” on Kickstarter. Simply titled “Heroic,” Chapter 4 picks up at the end of a long and […]

Pullbox Reviews: Scout’s Honor #4 – Faith shaken is resolve affirmed…

Scout’s Honor #4 Aftershock Written by David Pepose Art by Luca Casalanguida Colors by Matt Milla Letters by Carlos M. Mangual Cover by Andy Clarke & Jose Villarrubia When last we left our intrepid survivalist & newly appointed Ranger Scout, Kit, the jig was well & truly up. Not only caught digging into the heavily […]

Pullbox Reviews: The Transporter- Mutant mayhem & a Nameless anti-hero

The Transporter, volume 1: Nymph Europe Comics Written by Tristan Roulot Illustrated by Dimitri Armand 56 pages Human life has been devastated by an unstoppable virus … Not a disease, but a chemical reaction that attacks iron, destroying everything that contains them and setting civilization back hundreds of years. It even affects the iron that […]

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