Pullbox Indie Spotlight on The Last Aviatrix – When you hear her engines, look to the skies

The Last Aviatrix, by Michael “Buster” Cagle

  • Available in Digital and Paper Issues (American comic)
  • Adventure, Fantasy, Post-apocalyptic.
  • Self Published
  • Copyright holder: Michael Alexander Cagle
  • On-Sale Now
  • Available to read for free online
  • Available for Purchase in print

90 Years after The American War. The Last Aviatrix still flies above the ruined wastelands of this rotted skull of our earth. The radiation and nuclear nature of the world’s demise has given rise to a breed of atomic powered wizards that want to take her out of the sky. Her plane, The Albatross, an ancient B-29 powered by an atomic bomb keeps her in the air. Along the way she meets companions Henry, a young atom born with incredible power, and Clementine, a Southern bell berzerker. Can our Aviatrix traverse these wastes?

Buster Cagle is a Los Angeles based artist, writer and musician. Buster started work on The Last Aviatrix in March 2020, right after Covid-19 lockdowns began. Taking inspiration from the Original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Crow comics implemented Duo Shade as the tones for The Last Aviatrix, for that genuine 80s independent look.

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