Pullbox Previews Everyday Fears- What could possibly be scarier than public transportation?

New horror anthology Everyday Fears is now funding on Kickstarter

Canadian comic book writer, Matt McGrath, has launched his latest comic project on Kickstarter—a slice-of-life horror comedy anthology called Everyday Fears, featuring art from some of indie comics’ best artists. 

Everyday Fears is a 40-page horror comedy anthology featuring 6 short comics. Each story features a monster dealing with everyday problems and showcases a more mundane side of the paranormal.

The stories are all written by Toronto comic creator and writer Matt McGrath and feature the art of V. Gagnon, Brendan Tobin, Jon Berg, Shen Travis, Otavio Colino, Darren Vogt and more! 

Everyday Fears features four previously published stories plus two new stories original to this anthology.

Everyday Fears is McGrath’s third Kickstarter campaign, following two successful campaigns for his horror comedy series, ID-10t error, about a man who creates an AI robot just so he can destroy it. 

“I conceived of the idea for Everyday Fears after I finished the draft for the third (and final) issue of ID-10t error. The production for that comic won’t start until early next year, so I wanted to have a little palette cleanser book out before I jumped back into that world,” explains McGrath. 

“Over the years, I’ve written several short comics for various anthologies, and all of them revolved around a similar tone and theme–slice-of-life horror comedies about the ordinary side of life in the paranormal and/or monsters dealing with everyday problems.” 

“Some of these stories appeared in digital-only anthologies and have never been printed. Others were pitches for anthologies that weren’t accepted, but because I really liked the story, I still decided to make the comic on my own.”

The Everyday Fears Kickstarter campaign has a goal of $5,500 CAD to fund the remaining art, a print run and shipping costs. Backers can choose from several rewards, including digital and physical copies of Everyday Fears, as well as print and digital copies if ID-10t error issues 1 & 2.

The Everyday Fears campaign is running now and will end on November 17 at 7:00 p.m. To view the campaign and learn more about the book, follow this link to the live campaign.

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