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Pullbox Previews Everyday Fears- What could possibly be scarier than public transportation?

New horror anthology Everyday Fears is now funding on Kickstarter Canadian comic book writer, Matt McGrath, has launched his latest comic project on Kickstarter—a slice-of-life horror comedy anthology called Everyday Fears, featuring art from some of indie comics’ best artists.  Everyday Fears is a 40-page horror comedy anthology featuring 6 short comics. Each story features […]

Pullbox Previews ID10T: error version 2.0 (issue #1) now live on Kickstarter

ID-10T error is a Black Mirroresque revenge comedy about Bradley, a lonely, disgruntled man, who creates the world’s most advanced artificially intelligent robot. Why? So he can torture and kill it.  But, when his AI gains consciousness for the first time, Bradley discovers there’s a problem he didn’t account for—that his creation will do anything […]

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