Kickstarter Spotlight on Gallows Man- Nazi punching is never wrong…

What: Set in the 1940s in a satirically over the top and campy world of superheroes, The Gallows Man and his team must take out the threat of a Nazi cult that has infiltrated their city – not only to save the city, but to avenge the death of The Gallows Man’s former mentor. The best way to describe the series is a golden age superhero tale with the fun campiness of the 1960s Batman show, mixed with the violence of a Tarantino movie!

(The comic is rated for Mature Readers. Contains Graphic Violence, and Nazis.)

Where: People can back the first issue of The Gallows Man on Kickstarter when it goes live on May 4th, where they can get a digital copy, physical copy, and much more! The Prelaunch Kickstarter page link is attached below, where people can go to and click “Notify me on launch” so that they will be prepared when the comic goes live

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