Indie Title Spotlight on Saint, by J.R. Dunbar- Just about as “indie” as it gets…

  • Saint
  • Written & Lettered by J.R. Dunbar
  • Art by A. Afolabi
  • Epilogue Art by Rich Hennemann
  • Available now in print & digital

Jake Barker always wanted to be a superhero. Acting as a vigilante for years, one day he finally got his wish…too bad he had to die for it. As the world’s first superhero, he’s finding that his new life is not all that it’s cracked up to be. Now out for vengeance, will his abilities be enough, or will vengeance find him first?

Saint is exactly the kind of book we try to get eyes on. No flashy, overblown production that relies on hype and whatever next secret war crisis event is in the works this month. Saint is a labor of love, about an ordinary guy trying to do some good, and what happens when he finds himself pushed to extraordinary lengths.

J. R. Dunbar put his work out into the world. That by itself deserves some recognition, but he’s also done a little bit more than many of the indie titles I see on a daily basis. Dunbar puts some substance into his story, staying away from cheap thrills (although there are “thrilling heroics” to be had) and trying to put some reality into his very surreal world. The story is backed up by A. Afolabi’s artwork, a style that might look rough at first, but actually kinda fits into that surreal attitude. Without a doubt, the visuals are anything but boring, and there really is a lot of “wow” in the big scenic spreads (just look at that first page below…).

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