Pullbox Preview: Genma Visage – Insane indie sci with an Underground flavor, from the UK

Genma Visage is one of the most hardcore of comics in the London Indie Scene; An outlandish tale of psychic demonic mutations, occult orders, and a rogue Demigod screaming for vengeance.

The story follows the travels of Ryuken “Orca” Kage, a battle scarred mercenary originating from the humanoid race of the Shurokiu. Formerly an agent to the Nishin Genma Corporation, Ryuken has led a painful life fraught with tragedy and the harsh trials of his profession. Shunned by his own kind due to a shape shifting heritage, Ryuken gladly leaps at the chance for a cure when his masters offer a solution. But when the Ultimate weapon program Genma Visage mutates him beyond repair, only then did he discover Nishin Genma’s secret bloody history of corruption and horrific atrocities committed upon his fellow kin and other races. Though deemed as a failed experiment, Ryuken uses his newfound powers and veteran fighting prowess to put a stop to Nishin Genma’s conquest once and for all, unravelling their 9000 year old history to face the Maddening Evil at the heart of all the bloodshed.

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