Pullbox Previews – Gyro Universe: On the Frontier of the Alien Apocalypse (nothing at all to do with the delicious Greek pita sandwich)

The President has addressed the nation to inform its citizens that Earth is about to experience a meteor shower with cataclysmic potential. Bruce Gallo and his family are left with a day to wait for the world to end. However, rocks won’t be the reason for the destruction of earth’s civilizations. It will be the authoritarian government on Planet Vonnedor’s Moon Colonies that will be responsible. Their Chancellor, Gobatragal, is about to pass a crime bill that will send their vast number of dangerous prisoners to Gyro (Earth).

In the colonies’ highest security prison lives a fallen hero who has been nameless for a lifetime. Aside from living in the legends that are told by those who oppose The Reich, he is mostly forgotten about. It’s apparent he has not been that alien for a long time, but his apprehension and disgust for The Reich haven’t dissipated. It’s his conflicted view of freedom that affects him now. He doesn’t trust Gobatragal, but can he trust himself?  

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