Kickstarter Spotlight – Arks (fully funded in 24 hours!)

A young couple, lost, naked and starving in a wood have a terrible decision to make: burn to death or drown in the oxygen…

– From the Arks Kickstarter page…
  • Written by Rory Collins
  • Digital Art by
    • Andrew Morris
    • James Daly
    • Neil Copland

(From the Kickstarter page…)

Have you ever wondered how we will leave our solar system and colonise distant worlds? The scientist who discovered DNA found out how, in 1974.  

Arks is the terrifying and amazing story of Lilith and Joseph- two planetary engineers (Arks), who are booted by bacteria onto a terraformed world orbiting a distant star. To their horror they discover that the process may have accidentally turned the entire planet into a bomb.

As the last surviving humans they have a terrible decision to make. Do they try to survive in this brutal and cruel world or do they do the unthinkable and euthanize the species?

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