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Pullbox Spotlight on Kill More #2, as brutal a look at a city overrun by serial killers as you could imagine

In a city on the brink of collapse, two lone detectives stand against a tidal wave of brutal unsolved murders in KILL MORE, a new comic series written by Scott Bryan Wilson (Trve Kvlt, Pennyworth) with art by Max Alan Fuchs (Altered Carbon, Savage Tales) launching September 13 from IDW Originals. The gripping thriller defies […]

Pullbox Reviews Plainer Jane #6- A deep & DARK dive into what makes a killer

Plainer Jane #6 Broken Face Comics Created & Written by David Wilburn Illustrated by Samir Simao Lettering & Logos by Tim West Cover & Colors by Ralf Singh Back Cover (mixed media) by Donna A Black Issue 7 coming soon to Kickstarter! PLAINER JANE is the darkly comic story of Jane Pearson, a seemingly ordinary […]

Pullbox Reviews: Mad Gasser of Mattoon #2 – For a head lopping serial killer, he’s not so bad…

The Mad Gasser of Mattoon #2 Jar Press Created, Written, & Illustrated by John Anthony Rodriguez (aka: JAR) Coming to Kickstarter February 1st, 2021 Disturbed… Depraved… Graphic… Disgusting… Okay, that’s the review. Thanks for stopping by, everybody! I kid. There’s totally more to say about this particular piece of work (I even reviewed #1 here), […]

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