Pullbox Spotlight on Kill More #2, as brutal a look at a city overrun by serial killers as you could imagine

  • Killmore #2
  • IDW
  • Written by Scott Bryan Wilson
  • Illustrated by Max Alan Fuchs
  • In stores NOW

In a city on the brink of collapse, two lone detectives stand against a tidal wave of brutal unsolved murders in KILL MORE, a new comic series written by Scott Bryan Wilson (Trve Kvlt, Pennyworth) with art by Max Alan Fuchs (Altered Carbon, Savage Tales) launching September 13 from IDW Originals. The gripping thriller defies expectations in an explosive pastiche of crime drama, sci-fi, visceral horror, and “howcatchem” mystery that will keep readers guessing through eight story-packed, ad-free issues.

Set in the futuristic yet almost completely broken city of Colonia, KILL MORE reveals the astonishingly unique killers who stalk its abandoned streets and reads like a who’s who of supervillains from a newly imagined universe: Lady Facesmasher, The Sufferer, Talking Head, and The Obituary Machine, to name just a few. When Aaron Aira, one of the city’s last homicide cops standing, decides to stay the course and tackle the violent surge head-on, he finds an unlikely partner in Mwanawa Parker, a beleaguered missing persons detective who’s desperate to give the families on her open cases list some measure of peace. Together, they must connect dots alone and save lives using only their wits and willpower.

“I wrote KILL MORE because it’s the comic I most wanted to read, combining my love of police procedurals, theatrical dialogue, layered plotting . . . and unhinged mayhem,” Wilson said. “KILL MORE is eight years in the making! It starts wild and gets wilder. The intensity is propulsive, like a rocket, as new killers continue to pop up, create chaos, and elude the two detectives with the Sisyphean task of finding them all. The first issue is just the briefest hint at the insanity to come—and the thing about KILL MORE is that you can reread and pick up on things that can only be found on a second read, or a third, or a fourth.”

Each issue of KILL MORE is a distinct artistic package unto itself, with unique “portrait” covers by artist Max Alan Fuchs showcasing each of the killers, ad-free cover-to-cover story, and painstakingly created in-universe backmatter revealing tantalizing hints about Colonia, its media and institutions, and the fate of humanity that led to it. The deep world-building is aided by Fuchs’s immersive, highly detailed, cinematic artwork.

Wilson added, “What Max is doing on art should make every comics fan sit up and take notice. From everyday scenes of a city in decay, to a half-empty police precinct, to procedural inspections of murder victims, to face-melting violence—Max can do it all.”

“Readers of KILL MORE should lock your doors, secure your windows, and shelter in place,” Fuchs said. I know what you think: You can handle this. You’ve read a book about a serial killer before, right? But KILL MORE isn’t about a serial killer—it’s about a never-ending parade of serial killers, where the floats are made of bones, decorated with entrails, and held together with partially crusted gore slurry. But don’t worry—there are still nearly half a dozen police detectives left in the world of KILL MORE, and they may actually solve one or two cases.”

New issues of KILL MORE, with lettering by Wilson, colors by Valentina Briški, and variant covers for the entire series by Goran Sudžuka, will be released monthly starting September 13. The first issue—also available with a Gabriel Hardman variant cover—can be pre-ordered now at your local comic book store.

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