Pullbox Previews Voyage de Gourmet, a new YA graphic novel coming soon

Maverick & Mad Cave Studios are pleased to announce Voyage de Gourmet

  • Written by Paul Tobin
  • Illustrated by Jem Milton
  • Lettered by Micah Meyers
  • Hits Shelves December 12, 2023

Maverick and Mad Cave Studios are pleased to announce Voyage de Gourmet, an original graphic novel from writer  Paul Tobin, Illustrated by Jem Milton, and lettered by Micah Myers publishing December 12, 2023. Voyage de Gourmet is a fun foodie adventure that explores powerful social and cultural themes, while displaying challenges young adults face in the social media-dominant world of today.

Summary: Layne Green and Jiang-Mi Pipper used to be the best of friends, drawn together by a love of cooking. Each a social media star in their own right (Jiang-Mi covers historical cooking and Layne fancier recipes), their friendship came to an abrupt end when Layne posted some embarrassing videos of Jiang-Mi on his channel. It’s been forever since the two have spoken.

When Jiang-Mi lands a coveted spot on the reality TV show Voyage de Gourmet–a globetrotting culinary competition–she has to take Layne as her partner. While traveling the globe and cooking their hearts out, the two must come together to best some of the top chefs in the world. Will this cooking competition relight the fire in their friendship–or will they find their recipe simply not worth the effort?

“Writing Voyage de Gourmet set me off on my own journey! I’ve always been fascinated by both food, and by characters, and this was a chance to truly combine the two,” said writer Paul Tobin. “And the thing I most learned is that food–like relationships–is both universal, and very personal. There’s a whole world of culture out there. Go taste it!

“Cooking has always been a huge part of my life, so working on this book has been a blast,” said Mad Cave Senior Editor Lauren Hutzhuzen. “It’s probably the only book I’ve worked on that’s made me hungry! Layne’s growth and his friendship with Jiang-Mi really makes this a wonderful story of forgiveness, communication, and how friendships can change with time.”

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