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Pullbox Reviews: Idle Thuggery- Nothing “Idle” about it…

Idle Thuggery: The First Cut Written by Morgan Quaid Art by Rain Art Studios Textures, Lettering, & Soundtrack by Luke Gartner-Brereton Available now! After a an oddly fortuitous encounter with an old school friend in a dark alleyway, Frank Grey finds himself suddenly working as a low-level henchman for one of Kenton City’s rising Arch […]

Pullbox Re-Previews: Idle Thuggery – Of heroes, villains, and henchmen

Idle Thuggery Kickstarter campaign (FUNDED!) Written by Morgan Quaid Art by Rain Art Studios Lettering, Textures, & Soundtrack by Luke Gartner-Brereton (You heard me, I said soundtrack…) From the Kickstarter page: In the universe of Idle Thuggery, Super-villains aren’t always “evil” and heroes aren’t always “good”. Just because you’re a superhero with bullet-proof skin, doesn’t […]

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