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Pullbox Previews Tales From Nottingham, a gritty anthology from Mad Cave Studios

Coming February 1st from the Cave: Tales from Nottingham, an anthology set in a Robin Hood noir world… Tales From Nottingham explores untold stories from the twisted universe of Nottingham, including the secret origins of Robin Hood and the Merry Men, Marian’s violent past, Aya of the Hashashin’s first kill, and an ordeal that will […]

Pullbox Reviews: Nottingham #6- A new arc as the Sheriff’s hunt for Hood continues…

Nottingham #6 Mad Cave Studios Written by David Hazan Illustrated by Shane Connery Volk Colors by Luca Romano Letters by Justin Birch Edited by Brian Hawkins Design by Diana Bermudez Available April 6th, 2022 (available for pre-order) In this twisted medieval noir, the Sheriff of Nottingham hunts a serial killer with a penchant for ta […]

Pullbox Previews: Drowse, the webcomic- A gritty supernatural detective story

Drowse Available to read online right now! Script- Frank Verano and Nick Klinger Art- Jaime Huxtable Letters- Taylor Esposito Editor- Kevin Ketner Paul Caine remembers. He remembers it all. A hallucinatory encounter in Anzio. Occult sex rituals with a dangerous confidant. A psychic self-experiment gone palpably wrong. Caine spent decades pushing his mind to its […]

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