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Pullbox Previews: Flash Gordon – Kings Cross #1

Flash Gordon: Kings Cross #1 writer: Jeff Parker, Jesse Hamm artist: Jesse Hamm (art), Grace Allison (colors) covers: Roger Langridge) (a), Marc Laming (art) & Grace Allison (colors) (b), Jesse Hamm (art) & Grace Allison (colors) (c) subscription cover: Roberto Castro (d) incentive cover: Marc Laming (B/W art), Roger Langridge  (B/W art) Fans & retailers, […]

Pullbox Previews: Flash Gordon #6 – Old School Pulp Hero goodness!

Flash Gordon #6 (Dynamite – Parker / Shaner) Smile, you’re saving the universe! Flash Gordon and Dale Arden and Professor Zarkov are taking apart Ming The Merciless’ empire piece-by-piece, and having a ball doing it…if only Ming wasn’t thinking 25 steps ahead… Come aboard for the grandest adventure of 2014, courtesy of JEFF PARKER (Batman […]

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