Pullbox Previews Flash Gordon #1- The savior of the Universe, he’ll save every one of us!

Cover A by Will Conrad & Lee Loughridge

A hero for every one of us!

  • Flash Gordon #1
  • Writer: Jeremy Adams
  • Artist: Will Conrad
  • Colorist: Lee Loughridge
  • Letterer: Taylor Esposito
  • Release Date: June 19th, 2024

Flash awakes on a secret prison planet somewhere in the galaxy. Upon learning that Dale Arden is the subject of an assassination plot, he’s forced to break out and make his way across the galaxy to save her. Along the way, he encounters old friends, new threats, and a greater mystery surrounding WHO is pulling the strings of this universe. The first exciting issue in an all-new ongoing series!

Cover C by Reilly Brown

Since its debut in 1934, Alex Raymond’s Flash Gordon has captured the imagination of readers worldwide with its dynamic storytelling, captivating artwork, and memorable characters. Now, Mad Cave Studios, in partnership with brand-owner King Features, is thrilled to bring this iconic American comic strip back to its origin in pages and panels, featuring an all-star creative team and a fantastic new sci-fi adventure!

The all-new FLASH GORDON series, written by the critically acclaimed animation screenwriter, Jeremy Adams (Green Lantern, Flashpoint Beyond), features illustrations by top DC and Marvel artist Will Conrad (Black Panther, Wolverine, X-Men, Batman, Justice League), with colors by Lee Loughridge, letters by Taylor Esposito and amazing cover art by comics legend, Dan Panosian (Savage Red Sonja, John Tiffany). The kick-off for issue #1 includes connecting variant covers by National Comics Award winning artist Frazer Irving (Batman & Robin), Cover C by Reilly Brown (Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point), and D blank sketch cover. Retailer incentive covers by Joe Chiodo (Fantastic Four) and Dan Panosian.

Retailer incentive cover, by Dan Panosian

But wait! There’s more!

  • Written by Jeremy Adams
  • Illustrated by Will Conrad
  • Colors by Lee Loughridge
  • Letters by Taylor Esposito
  • Available for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2024 (Check with your local comic shop for availability)

It’s a race against time as Flash Gordon, Dale, and Doctor Zarkov try to stop the villainous MING THE MERCILESS from using the UNRAVELLER, a device that can unwind an object to their subatomic structure in one apocalyptic burst of energy. Can Flash save Earth once again, or will Ming finally get the upper hand and change the course of the universe forever?

Expect thrilling escapades, imaginative worlds, and epic storytelling as Flash Gordon once again takes center stage! Mad Cave Studios invites fans and new audiences to embark on this journey and honor the legacy of Flash Gordon that will surely captivate readers around the globe.

The exciting series begins with Flash Gordon #0, available at participating retailers worldwide on Free Comic Book Day 2024, dovetailed by the legendary cult classic mini-series, Defenders of The Earth collected edition (Stan Lee, Bob Harras, Michael Higgins, Alex Saviuk, Fred Fredericks) on June 19th. The saga continues with Flash Gordon #1 on July 24th!

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