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Pullbox Guide to Conning: Episode 2

The Official Pullbox Guide to Conning, Episode 2 Welcome back for round two of the Official Pullbox Guide to Conning!  This week’s topic: Planning the Perfect Con. Depending on budget, available time, attention span and event parameters (and more often, the esteem in which your spouse/life partner currently holds you), the typical con is anywhere […]

Pullbox Guide to Conning: Episode 1

The Official Pullbox Guide to Conning, Episode 1 The other night, as Eric and I broke eggrolls in advance of our weekly gaming session, we discussed Paul’s recent Pullbox writeup on Wizard World-Chicago.  This segued to talk of the enjoyment Eric got out of listening to our curmudgeonly compatriot’s ongoing commentary on con planning and […]

C2E2: Lily’s Take!

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the last day at one of my favorite Chicago conventions, C2E2 (Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Although I did not get a chance to attend any panels, I did have an opportunity to check out almost all the vendors, including the large amount of talented people who set […]

The Pullbox at C2E2 2019 – Artist Alley for the win!

So, after spending the whole day yesterday (Friday) wandering around- mainly in Artist Alley where I could easily spend the whole weekend- I figured I’d put out some love for this great event. I’ll lead by pointing out that I’m only able to make it for one day this year. Rather than being all surly […]

C2E2 2018: SuperMansion Interview

While attending C2E2, I had the chance to sit in a roundtable interview the creators of the shows Robot Chicken. This was my first roundtable and I didn’t expect to laugh as hard as I did. Here’s the rundown. WHAT: The voice-over star, co-creators and executive producers of Crackle’s Emmy-nominated stop-motion animated comedy series, “SuperMansion” discussing season three, some “Robot Chicken,” and their creative process. In the all-new […]

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