Pullbox Previews New Visitations to Launch at C2E2 2020!

Don’t Hide PR is proud to announce an all-new issue of Chicago-based ghost series, Visitations!  Written and illustrated by Chicago comic book creator Scott Larson (1000 Ways to Die, The Saint, Kong: King Of Skull Island),Visitations #5 will make its debut at C2E2 2020 (McCormick Place), Feb. 28, Feb. 29, & Mar. 1st.

From Chicago’s oldest cemetery, ghostly heroes protect the city while history unfolds. These spooky protectors, based on real monuments in cemeteries around the world, confront gangsters, cults, and paranormal disturbances while the world keeps turning—including such events from The World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893, the election of President Barack Obama, the World Wars, and the Moon Landing! Inspired by personal experience and a love of the paranormal, Visitations is an eclectic composition that illustrates the rich history of the 20th Century and beyond.

The fifth printing of Visitations #1, as well as reprints of Issues #2-4, will be available from Scott Larson at Artist Alley table B4. With each issue there’s a nuance to its structure—from pinup pages to a clockwise page-turning read, and POV stories to a downloadable audio file in Issue #4—makes the limited run series just as much a collector’s item as it is an enjoyable read.  Visitations #5 will feature two separate narratives and drawing styles that meet in the middle to form an all-new narrative. 

Scott Larson will also be on the Ghosts of Chicago panel on Sunday, March 1, from 2:45 – 3:45pm in Room S401. Additionally, he will be hosting his own drawing for cosplayers, where winners will have their names printed on a tombstone and their picture in the back inlay of subsequent issues of Visitations. To learn more or to pick up a copy of Visitations, you can find Scott at in the C2E2 Artist Alley, table B4.

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