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Pullbox Previews The Adventures of Reese Rabbit #1, the spirit child of the Tom & Jerry cartoons your parents watched

The Adventures Of Reese Rabbit Issue #1 Follow the wacky adventures of a bunny rabbit named Reese, who lives in a world filled with life-sized animals. This issue sees Reese and his best friend, Jack Houndsberg, trying to get rid of a regular sized rat that has made itself at home in Reese’s house. The […]

Pullbox Kickstarter Spotlight on Pinnochio, with original art by Mike Mignola

Beehive Books Announces 3 Fine Art Prints of Mike Mignola’s PINOCCHIO Paintings (April 12, 2023) Beehive Books is announcing a series of three watercolor prints of Pinnochio by renowned Hellboy creator Mike Mignola. The three 8×11″ fine art prints are exclusively available as part of Beehive Books’ Kickstarter campaign for their illustrated and annotated edition […]

Pullbox Previews You’ve Been Cancelled #1, sci fi bounty hunter action from Mad Cave Studios

In the near future, cancel culture means more than just losing your job…it could mean your life. The world’s premier entertainment event is CANCELLED – a live-streamed program where elite bounty hunters called cancellers kill individuals who society has voted to “cancel” following heinous actions or offenses. Our story follows Roland Endo, the world’s #1 […]

Pullbox Previews The Elysian- A hidden world of Immortals, playing humanity like chess pieces

GODS, ALIENS, HEROES, or VILLAINS, who are THE ELYSIAN? Guided by their most wanted criminal, a young woman will search for the answer. The Elysian Volume 1 follows the story of a young woman named Samantha as she is thrust into the secret world of The Elysian, a nearly immortal race who have been manipulating humanity […]

Pullbox Previews Underground- a deep dive into the indie music scene, soon from Titan Comics

TITAN COMICS TO PUBLISH UNDERGROUND: CURSED ROCKERS AND HIGH PRIESTESSES OF SOUND AN ILLUSTRATED CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENT ARTISTS AND UNDERGROUND MUSIC Titan Comics is thrilled to announce Underground: Cursed Rockers and High Priestesses of Sound, the essential illustrated bible of independent music, on September 26, 2023 Writer Arnaud Le Gouëfflec, and artist Nicolas Moog offer […]

Pullbox storms the beaches at C2E2 2023… and brings you the pictures to live vicariously

Well, it’s a couple days after Chicagoland’s titular comics and entertainment expo (hey, someone should look into copyrighting that or something). I was only there for one day this year, and I have my share regrets on that point but overall I had a great time. What were some of the highlights, you ask? Hey, […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2022