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Pullbox News: Scout Comics & Rooster Teeth together for an animated series based on a Jazz Legend

Animation giant Rooster Teeth has optioned Scout Comics & Entertainment’s JAZZ LEGEND as an adult animated television series.  Scout is attached to produce alongside Rooster Teeth. There’s a peculiar new drug on the streets of Motocity. Its effects are unlike any other, an immersive psychedelic dreamscape with visions of animalistic abominations and god-like humanoids. This is […]

Pullbox Previews Everyday Fears- What could possibly be scarier than public transportation?

New horror anthology Everyday Fears is now funding on Kickstarter Canadian comic book writer, Matt McGrath, has launched his latest comic project on Kickstarter—a slice-of-life horror comedy anthology called Everyday Fears, featuring art from some of indie comics’ best artists.  Everyday Fears is a 40-page horror comedy anthology featuring 6 short comics. Each story features […]

Pullbox Presents an Advance Review of Space… um, is that really the title? Okaaay… Space Negro!

There are a lot of people who don’t think that the movie Blazing Saddles could (or should) be made these days. Personally, I think that there will always be an audience with the intelligence and awareness to “get it”, to appreciate the way slapstick humor can be used to reflect and defuse social commentary. It’s […]

Pullbox Previews StarNoir, book 2- “L.A. Noir meets the X-Files”

Star Noir is a 6-Part detective story following Homicide Detective Alan Miller and his grey alien partner Ellis Tate as they travel across 1940’s Los Angeles to find an elusive shapeshifter killing officers in Central Station. It mixes the haunting sci-fi of The X-Files with the grit and tone of noir books like James Ellroy’s The Big Nowhere. It has the snappy dialogue of The Big Sleep, and depicts a stylized 1940’s Los Angeles as seen […]

Pullbox Previews Lineage: Daughter-in-Law, “a Chinatown Horror Story”

Lineage: Daughter-in-Law Created, written, & illustrated by Fang Yili (Fang Fang Comics) Nora a reporter rushes through Chinatown on her way to interview an elderly woman living in a peculiar mansion swirling with strange rumors.  When elements of the woman’s story don’t seem to square with the facts, the dark reality of the house reveals […]

Pullbox Previews GHOST Agents/Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, together at last!

GHOST AGENTS RETURNS TO KICKSTARTER WITH A NEW FLIPBOOK FEATURING FRITZ LANG’S METROPOLIS! On the back of six wildly successful Kickstarter campaigns to publish their first two volumes, the ongoing GHOST Agents project takes things to the next level with a brand new treasury-sized flipbook entitled GHOST Agents/Metropolis. Hot on the heels of the news […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2022