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The Pullbox Ultimate Guide to Conning: Episode 4

In this week’s episode, my fine and faithful friends, we’ll examine the delightful art of autograph-seeking at the con. Whether it’s that one celebrity you need to complete your Serenity cast poster (looking at you—eventually—Morena Baccarin!), your fave artist in the Alley, or maybe even those Critical Role cats for your first-edition DMG, signings are a major feature of most larger cons. Now you’d think there really shouldn’t ought to be a ton of planning or strategy involved here: stand in line, enjoy the 7.8 seconds of contact, re-bag book, rinse, repeat—but, oh, my lovely little neophytes, you’d be so, so wrong.

The Pullbox Guide to the Con Episode 3: Swingin’ the Best Deal

If you’re like me, one of the great appeals of the con is the opportunity to shop the vendor floors and exhibit halls. Among so many other glorious things, a comicon (or gaming con, or sportscard convention) is a unique opportunity to shop among a huge variety of collectibles vendors on the same show floor, which often presents the chance to find that special item, that one variant issue or mint-on-card figure that’s eluded you as you’ve scoured the comic shops and toy stores of your home town. And, it’s a chance to find some serious bargains.

The Pullbox at C2E2 2019 – Artist Alley for the win!

So, after spending the whole day yesterday (Friday) wandering around- mainly in Artist Alley where I could easily spend the whole weekend- I figured I’d put out some love for this great event. I’ll lead by pointing out that I’m only able to make it for one day this year. Rather than being all surly […] is a part of ThePullbox LLC © 2007-2022