Indie Publisher Spotlight on Studio Moonfall (and guests)

Donovan Scherer’s House of Art & Story creates illustrated novels taking readers of all-ages on adventures into worlds of fantasy, horror, and science fiction.

Did you ever have one of those things that you kept telling yourself, “I’m gonna check that out one of these days…”? I did, and today I had Facebook’s advertising algorithm to thank for a little nudge in the direction. With the knowledge that tucked away deep in the heart of my home town of Kenosha, Wi was a quirky little bookshop run by local writer/indie publisher Donovan Scherer, my wife and I were out the door.

What we found when we got there was just a cool little hangout, that had a lot more going on than just hawking books. On arriving, my wife and were greeted out front by the family team from Ties That Bind Publishing. They were manning a table featuring some of their works including some designer writing journals, and their “It’s Not Swearing Per Se…” coloring books for teachers & social workers. You can check out their page on Facebook for some details, and their books can be found for purchase through Amazon & local bookstores.

Like Studio Moonfall, for instance.

(From the studio’s website)

Studio Moonfall is Donovan Scherer’s house of art and story.

The Fear & Sunshine series first came to life in 2009 through Ratatat Graphics, Donovan Scherer’s freelance graphic design company, as a way to bring his unique art style together with a story that needed to be told. After experimenting with a variety of media platforms to present the world of Darksmith, such as mobile apps like the ZomBeans game, books became more and more the center-focus.

As his adventures into bookmaking introduced him to the world of self-publishing, he began working with leaders in the indie scene, like story studio Sterling & Stone and author J. Thorn, to bring his art to their stories. By going deeper and deeper down the rabbit hole of book publishing, it was time for Ratatat Graphics to evolve into something new.

Studio Moonfall is now the home for the published titles of Donovan Scherer and hopes to bring monsters and mad science to readers around the world.

For more of Donovan Scherer’s artwork and book collaborations, please visit his other website,
Books by proprietor Dovovan Scherer himself can be found online here
Check Moonfall’s Artist Alley online shop right here
A lot to see in every corner of the shop…
Yeah, might’ve taken a couple minutes to talk TTRPG’s with Donovan…
A great selection of featured authors on display, and available for purchase

Looking forward to seeing what else Donovan Scherer and company put out into the world, from a great selection of all-age appropriate reading material, to a steady stream of featured artists and authors. And with Con season looming (finally) on the horizon, maybe we’ll all get a chance to hang out and chat. If you happen to be in the Southeastern Wisconsin area, swing by Studio Moonfall… stop in and tell Donovan thePullbox said “yo”. It won’t get you any awesome discounts… I just think it’d be kinda cool.

My own purchases of the day…
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