Pullbox Previews Unexplained Prague, the latest in a line of graphic novel haunted guides from Skull & City

Our collection of graphic novel city guidebooks will include London, Prague and Los Angeles. The long-term goal is to explore the World’s small towns and villages as well as big Cities to provide in depth guides for paranormal explorers.

Our guides will combine great icons of architecture, occult and undiscovered horror stories.​

Golem, Headless Templar, Nazi Flying Saucer and many more! 

This book is the second, Skull & City graphic novel guide from the Haunted Landmarks and Urban Legends Series

Prague is undoubtedly the quintessential European city of enchantment – its history steeped in the presence of alchemists, wizards, and witches who once resided and practiced here (and purportedly continue to do so, as some sources claim).

From the UFO in the Dancing House to the ghost of the Headless Templar, the capital of Czechia is full of unbelievable and yet unexplored mysteries.

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