Kickstarter Spotlight on Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior #1, an “East meets West, martial arts fantasy”

Prophecy chooses its own path in Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior #1!

(From creator & writer Michael Nunneley) Thank you for taking the time to check out my East meets West, martial arts-fantasy comic with superheroes and kaiju elements. What kaiju elements you ask? I will refer you to the giant, bleeding and electrified, blue heart in the background of the cover as a hint. But, Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior is about more than that. It’s also about prophecy, science, mythology and family. My name is Michael Nunneley and I founded Omen Comics in 2018 after creating the Omenverse – which is a unique blend of mythologies, folklore, legends and religious beliefs from around the world mixed with apocalyptic themes and superheroes. I am also the writer on the Omen and Gallows Men titles as well as this new title, Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior #1. Admittedly my other titles are fairly dark but Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior #1 stands out as something different from the rest of the titles in the Omenverse as “…a light in dark places” – as Galadriel would say. I believe it should be safe and entertaining for children as young as 13 and adults as well to read.

Issue #1 of Dragon Girl/Albino Warrior follows 2 stories. The first is about a Chinese warrior-monk named Pai Long who comes to America in search of an ancient prophecy. The second is about a 16 year old Irish girl named Dani Finney from the wrong side of the tracks with a terminal case of muscular dystrophy that her parents are desperate to find a cure for.  This series has our uniquely blended mythology and old gods, science, fantasy and conspiracy all wrapped up in a story about coming together as a family and doing great things. The main difference between Pai Long and Dani Finney and many of the other characters in this universe is that, while they struggle like everyone, they are genuinely good people trying to make a difference.

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