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The ‘Final Girl’ Gets Her Say in this New Take on the Slasher Comic Coming Spring 2023

August 2022, Los Angeles, CA: For the fans of slasher films who always wondered what happened to the characters after the curtain closed and the credits fell, TKO Presents is pleased to announce Sacred Lamb by NY Times-bestselling author Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and Jelena Đorđević (Killiamsburgh) coming spring 2023. From writer Tim Seeley, “I’m obviously not a big stranger to slasher stories, as I’ve been putting out Hack/Slash comics for 18 years. But with Sacred Lamb I wanted to explore a different side of one of my favorite genres. In the past, my interest was mostly on the exploitative nature of slasher movies, and the contract with the inherent female empowerment the ‘final girl’ ended up representing. In Sacred Lamb, we have a story about women who are taken out of society so bystanders can avoid the ‘sequels’ that happen around them, which lets us explore how people tend to demonize victims, rather than fix what made the monsters.”

Youtube celebrity Kellyn West, who just recently dispatched “her” own slasher killer Clay Coogan on a live stream, is the newest resident. Feeling more locked away than protected behind the barbed wire fenced-in town, where the government has hidden away these E.V.s (“Endemic Victims”) since the slasher spree started in the 1970s, Kellyn has to team with an old woman, and the original Survivor Girl, known only as “The Babysitter.” Together, they rally the EVes and survive as an army of slashers start showing up, seemingly back from the dead, and back for blood.

“Working on Sacred Lamb was like living in the world of abundance—abundance of colorful characters on both sides, slashers and victims, of different timelines and style imprints that defined them, all due to Tim’s great imagination,” said artist Jelena Đorđević. “It was like going to a great, big party—a party with quite a lot of blood and gore, but a great party nevertheless. And now, thanks to the good people of TKO, this immersive world is open for visitors and I am very happy to share it with the others.”

Finally, Seeley had this to say: “Working with TKO means I got to write my story in one big block instead of in the high-improv world of monthlies, and work with one of the best story editors in the biz with Sebastian Girner. I can’t wait for you to be totally creeped out by the world Jelena has brought to life with her art!”

Perfect for fans of Wytches and Something is Killing the Children comes a meta-horror story about survival, obsession, men, women, and chainsaws. From Joe Dante, director of Gremlins, “If you’re looking for a progressive, feminist, subversive and totally modern graphic horror novel full of demonic twists and turns, and impressively illustrated with eccentric style, Sacred Lamb is for you!” Sacred Lamb will be available where graphic novels are sold in stores and online April 2023.  
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