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Unlikely Heroes Studios’ Smash Hit SUPER! is Back, Baby! Get Some!

HAMILTON, MT — In 2011, the indie comics world was taken by storm when Unlikely Heroes Studios released their first ever title – SUPER! Six more issues followed over the years, but then tragedy reared its ugly head: in 2019, Zack Dolan, the creator and artist behind the series, passed away before the full scope of his vision could be realized. It’s been three years since that nightmare transpired, and finally, in honor of their late friend, Unlikely Heroes Studios would like to present to you this remastered, retooled, relettered, and reassembled ultimate version of Zack’s dream project. Starting with Issue 1.

SUPER! follows a ragtag team of amateur heroes as they struggle to make a name for themselves in a universe dominated by more popular, established teams. In the grand tradition of The Venture Bros. and Mystery Men, SUPER! is a loving homage to the genre that knows when to laugh at itself and isn’t afraid to poke fun at comic tropes along the way.

“Original colorist Eve Pinkk3r returned to tweak Zack’s cover, as well as the interiors, resulting in brighter, more vibrant art. Dialogue and captions have been adjusted for better fit and flow, under the watchful gaze of Zack’s brother, Michael. Letters have been rebuilt entirely from the ground up to provide significant leaps in legibility, as well as a sexier, more modern look.” says new series letterer and editor Erek Foster. 

The first issue boasts a meaty 52 pages, where you’ll meet hapless heroes, vindictive villains, rampaging robots, malevolent mimes, and more superpowered action than you can shake a stick at…but don’t shake a stick, the stick’s probably sentient and will vaporize you with a death ray!

Launching out of the gate as a Kickstarter Project We Love and running until July 29th, the SUPER! #1 Kickstarter features variant covers and holofoils for the FIRST TIME, amazing Early Bird tiers, and a lifesize Blitz standee…because we had to.

Back the campaign here: www.uhstudios.com/kickit

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