Pullbox Reviews Lazer Brain Comics #1- All the action & suspense you can handle in an all-ages anthology

Lazer Brain Comics

The Rise of the Red Cat

Middle grader NOVA NASSER’s ongoing adventures begin with a mystical encounter while on a field trip with her school to an Egyptian museum.


And so Begins The End of the World!

Fourteen-year-old FILO FARNSWORTH learns he is the key to saving the world from an alien invasion but is forbidden to talk about it.

What do a young superhero with powers granted by a mystical entity called the Red Lioness, and a young underachiever who is given a space-born relic of cosmic power have in common? They’re bookend entries in the opening issue to a new all-ages anthology comic series by Ryan L. Higgins. Toss in two short one-shots about a youngster having trouble sleeping and an adult loner who acquires a mysterious relic, and you’ve got some good times ahead.

Lazer Brain Comics looks like it could really be a lot of fun. Ryan Higgins has a pretty good grip on how to spin his plates, concocting some very different stories featuring very different characters. Nova Nasser, aka “the Red Cat”, is a virtuous young lady who can’t help but stand up to bullies. Star gazing dreamer Filo Farnsworth seems like he could have trouble shouldering the responsibilities of everyday chores, much less the fate of the world. And here’s Higgins, featuring them both as the anchors for his new comic.

The stories themselves are smartly written, making some good use of classic superhero banter & witty commentary. Higgins may be writing for a younger audience, probably in the ten- to 14-year-old range, but his stories weren’t at all painful to read for a guy in his… an older guy. Personally, I got a kick out of Filo’s running commentary, flummoxed that anyone might think he could be the best choice for saving the world.

And in the art department, Higgins keeps to that mindset. His style is easy to follow, cartoony and with a good eye for both dynamic action and character. Higgins hasn’t given himself a lot of time to build up the tension, so he gets right to it. Nora discovers the powers of the Red Cat in time to stand up to a mystically powered criminal & his armed henchmen over the course of two or three pages, setting up the action without wasting any time at all. Filo is handed the awesome responsibility of thwarting an alien invasion, against his will and all better judgment, and is faced with serious consequences should he choose to walk away.

Lazer Brain Comics has a lot going for it. The action is fast, the main characters have a lot of promise, and the two short stories work to keep the momentum going (I even got a kick out of the ad for the Geek Gossip podcast). Aimed at a younger audience, this is still a comic that can entertain adults… which is kind of the sweet spot for comicbook readers young & old, isn’t it? Parents, read it with your kids. Kids, reassure your parents… a couple stories might be kinda spooky, but they should be able to handle it.

Final score: 11/13

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