Kickstarter Spotlight on The Dark Side of Purity, an anthology from varied points of view

By Band of Bards

An anti-patriarchy anthology of prose, poetry, & comics taking on the idea of purity from the POV of women & nonbinary creators.

The Dark Side of Purity is an anthology combination of two books: a collection of prose and poetry in one book, with a second book for comics and graphic poetry. These works come from a standout team of women and nonbinary creators from all corners of literature. Inside these pages and panels you will find many different points of view on the traditional values of “purity,” “chastity,” and “womanliness.” These stories and poems shine a light on how society has used Purity Culture as a means of control, and how these creators feel about it. You’ll hear many different voices all lashing out against these tools of oppression and suppression.

“The women that have come together for this project wield the power of creativity to uproot generational toxicity and tear down the strongholds of purity culture formed against women to keep them small, subservient, and submissive.”

~Sadie Hartmann “Mother Horror”

The Line Up

Prose works:  Ai Jiang, Amanda Cecelia Lang, Abriana Tuller, Antonia Rachel Ward, J. S. Larmore, Kristin Cleaveland, Lyndsie Manusos, Cynthia McDonald, Zebib Abraham, Eli Hayden Loft, Robyn Singer, Sage Tyrtle, & Miel MacRae. Foreword by Sadie Hartmann.

Poets: Antonia Rachel Ward, K. R. Wieland, Jordan Alyssa Duncan, J. S. Larmore, Damon Barret Roe, & Zebib Abraham.

Comics: Lindz McLeod, Elyse Russell, Damon Barret Roe, & Amy Chase.

Artists: Fell Hound, Heather Vaughan (cover artist),Yasmín Flores Montañez (variant cover artist), Amita Sevellaraja (variant cover artist) Rio Burton, Miranda Leyson, Dany Rivera, Giulia Lalli, Amanda Stockton, Jenny Fleming, & Mariateresa Susca.

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