Pullbox Previews Archie & Friends: Summer Lovin’ #1- The next step in Archie Evolution

It’s not every day that Archie Comics introduces new characters to its iconic cast of Riverdale High teens, so this week’s release of the one-shot comic book ARCHIE & FRIENDS: SUMMER LOVIN’ is a pretty big deal! In a new story written by Tee Franklin (Bingo Love) with art by Archie legend Dan Parent, we meet Eliza Han, a bi-racial, pansexual, plus size teen business mogul who starts making waves right from the start.

When asked about Eliza and what she means to her, Tee said, “I hope that readers of all ages can see themselves in Eliza. While her debut shakes things up around Riverdale — that fun-loving gag city — hope, optimism, and friendship remains.” 

What she’s referring to is a classic Archie Comics-style love triangle when Eliza meets the gang as the new love interest for Veronica Lodge’s cousin Harper (revealed to be bisexual here for the first time). The only problem is, the last time we saw Harper she had eyes for Reggie Mantle, and he’s not taking this news too well. Queue the lighthearted drama!

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