Kickstarter Spotlight on The Afflecktion #1- A concept so crazy… it just. Might. Work.

The Afflecktion #1

By Dylon Peven and Zander Bice with colors by Nicholas Michael

The Story:

An aspiring screenwriter with an uncanny resemblance to BEN AFFLECK discovers there may be a more sinister explanation behind his striking likeness.

Part 1: The Hero with a Thousand Faces

Ari is your average 26 year old aspiring screenwriter.  He wakes up, drinks his coffee, and starts pounding away at his script. However, things aren’t quite going as planned for Ari.   For one thing, he seems to look and feel way too old for his age.

But whats even worse is that people seem to think he’s someone he is not.  They constantly mistake him for one of the film industry’s top talent, hollywood hearthrob Ben Affleck.

Ari doesn’t let this deter him.  He believes in his script and is determined to become a successful screenwriter.

….however this was the day that everything changed…

What happens next? Find out in THE AFFLECKION issue #1!

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