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The Tao Te Ching meets The Jungle Book in this kung fu–inspired graphic novel!

This tale of a young tiger finding his place among dragons is ideal for the young reader or martial arts enthusiast on the quest for mythical adventure. First published in the pages of Kung Fu Magazine, A Tiger’s Tale leaps off the newsstands and onto bookshelves in this new graphic novel! Complete with educational back-matter & glossary, this comic features brand-new digital colors.

The live-streamer sidekick of the world’s greatest superhero must protect his best friend’s secret identity!

Mattie Moore loves superheroes. Unfortunately, one of his livestreams wrecked the life of his best friend, Captain Terrific. Now, Mattie must enter the fantastic world of heroes and villains to repair his friendship. BUT WATCH OUT! A bitter arch-enemy demands revenge! In our 44-page second issue, Mattie is struggling to survive his attack as a cyclone of cybernetic clones, electric doppelgangers, and the Army tanks pursue him. It’s an adventure full of Silver Age energy that examines the relationship between superheroes and their fandom. After this zany journey, Mattie will not only climb the ladder to his destiny — he’ll discover his SUPER BEST FRIEND.

The 2nd Book in Jeff Smith’s TUKI series is coming! It’s not too late to get in on the fun!

Two million years ago, at the dawn of humanity, when multiple species of humans existed at the same time, three lost children and two missing links fall in with a mysterious traveler named Tuki who carries with him the secret of Fire. A rival species, who hunt and kill anyone found using fire, gets word of the small band of misfits, and the new companions find themselves under attack! TUKI: Fight for Family!

A new collection of strips by Viz Comic cartoonist and winner of the Jonathan Cape/Observer Graphic Short Story Prize 

So, you think you’ve got something to moan about? Well, wait until you read GRIPE NIGHT and then think again! I have been secretly working away on GRIPE NIGHT for over a year, and most of its content has not been seen elsewhere before. Stories include… “Similar To But Not!,” the prize-winning story presented as God intended for the first time! Unseen episodes of “Ricky Gervais: He Talks To The Animals”! Unbelievable but true stories from the artist’s memoirs including “William, It Was Everything,” “Boom Boom Push The Button,” and introducing “Aunty Bunty!” PLUS… “Wicksy Goes Berserk”! “The Paul Willyhood Story”! “The Draw”! And lots more! GRIPE NIGHT is 28 pages long, featuring a mix of black and white and colour.

Between Historically Black Colleges/Universities and Black geeks-at-large.

This Kickstarter will primarily support our in-person 2022 Convention and help to enhance the offerings for our events. Through this unique lens, we bring you the #BlackGeekHomecoming experience. We are committed to showcasing the brilliance of HBCUs and their students, as well as providing a platform for Black geeks of all walks of life to come together and connect. We want to show the world that HBCUs are more than just institutions of higher learning, but also places where some of the best Black geeks are being cultivated.

Set in a strange land of chaos and lies, a young man must uncover the truths behind his hellish and monotonous existence.

In Issue #1 of Mimesis, we are introduced to our main protagonist: Matt. He is an anxiety-riddled teen trying to survive in a chaotic and outright confusing world. We are led to believe that they are being subjected to ‘trials’ by the ‘gods’, but something about it just doesn’t feel right. Then, something happens that changes the course of their lives and reality forever… Mimesis is a coming-of-age story, built around characters in their late teens and early twenties. It’s perfect for the young adult out there, trying to find their way. Or for the fan of blended science fiction/ fantasy genres.

Divine Comedy–inspired [for mature readers] / Ispirato alla Divina Commedia (per un pubblico adulto)

Saint Help, Florida, 1956. Vincent B. Philips is a gutless P.I. haunted by visions of a Mexican specter. Beatriz – his partner and only friend – just died, but he can’t feel jack about it. Upon her death lingers the long shadow of the Dantesque city’s kingpin, Don Lucio Fiero, and his godson, Arlecchino. Welcome to the city of sorrow. Welcome to SAINT HELL.

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