Kickstarter Preview- Savage Wizard #1, for fans of sword & sorcery with a side of comedy

Are you ready for 28 pages of gut busting adventure? Do you want some sword wielding brutality? If you are a fan of fantasy comedy with a little mix of hard violence and a dose of head turning action sequences you will want Savage Wizard!

There is only one thing barbarian chief R’Nar lives for; the battlefield. R’Nar finds himself ousted from his clan by his best friend Skom. While Skom begins to search for a legendary blade he believes will allow him to rule the world. R’nar, now dishonored, drifts aimlessly. It’s up to the doom-crying quirky wizard Oqora to force R’Nar to reclass to a wizard if they are to have any hopes to stop the end of the world.

Support the campaign when it launches September 15th by heading to

A mere $9 buy in for a physical copy is a bargain!
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