Kickstarter Spotlight on Fletcher Cross: The Multiverse Awaits!

Welcome to the Multiverse!

Fletcher Cross: The Multiverse Awaits is a 100+ page narrative anthology inspired by the Golden Age of comics.  Our story features our original character Fletcher Cross, inspired by classic pulp and science fiction heroes, like Doc Savage, The Shadow, Rip Hunter, and Indiana Jones, as he is flung across the multiverse by his own invention, the Dimensionalizer.  Published by Foreign Press Comics and edited by Kylar Merrell and Derrick Crow, this anthology features 20+ independent comic creators, who came together to create an anthology that tells a continuous story throughout, with each team developing stories based on different genres featured in 1950s and 1960s comics. 

This anthology is different than most other anthologies. While other anthologies are a collection of stories by different creators revolving around a specific theme, Fletcher Cross: The Multiverse Awaits tells a complete story. No chapter can be skipped, because everything matters! You could take each Fletcher Cross story, read it on its own, and you’d get the idea of the character, like the Golden Age characters that inspired this project. But when you read all of the chapters together, you get the full picture, and can see the complete story of Fletcher Cross.

The best thing about this anthology is that IT IS DONE. All of the artwork and story, at least. After this project that gets funded, all we need to do is make a few small edits to the layouts and send it off. No waiting on artwork or anything like that. The important stuff is already done!

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