Kickstarter Spotlight on Elsewhere 2- a genre crossing anthology, featuring creators from around the globe…

Elsewhere 2, a Comics Anthology

Elsewhere is a lovingly curated anthology of short pieces by independent creators from all over the world. Genres, styles, moods, and interpretations of reality shift very quickly across more than two hundred and fifty pages of gorgeous art and smart storytelling.

The end result is a wild ride at the speed of imagination.

We have all the stories ready to go to press and make a beautiful book you’ll be proud to show off. Our Kickstarter goal is enough to guarantee printing; if we reach stretch goals, we spread the wealth out among the contributing art teams.

Just a few sample pages from this gi-HUGIC anthology collection...

Ahhh… young Kaiju love
Humanity… on a train
Um… I’ll take the intervention, thanks
“Stay in Silence”, by Wiktor Talaga & Aleksandra Machon (this one is haunting…)
A fantasy adventure with a twist…
“Paradise Lost” by Octavia Moon & Laurie Foster (careful what you wish for, fellas…)
“Viva the Hunter” by Forrest Depoy, Bell Mimieux, Carlos Cara Alvarez, & Lettersquids
“Pool of Tears Saloon” by Gene Selassie, Jun Jo Monares, & DC Hopkins


Alan Bay, Aleksandra Machon, Andrea Montano, Anthony Rella, Bell Mimieux, Bolu Oriowo, Caius Schereiner, Carlos Cara Alvarez, Charlie McElvy, Craig Florence, Damian Wampler, Daniel Kalban, Danny J. Quick, DC Hopkins, Dino Caruso, Eddy Hedington, Emilio Utrera, Federico Scio Jr, Forrest DePoy, Gabe Ostley, Gene Selassie, Hector Negrete, J. Michael Donohue, J. Paul Schiek, Jaroslaw Ejsymont, Jeremy Shepherd, Jeremy Simser, Jerome Gagnon, John Crowther, John Pence, Jonathan Chance, Jorge Luis Gabotto, Josh Lucas, Jun Joe B. Monares, Katy Rewston, Kyle Lawrence, Lashawn Colvin, Laurie Foster, Lettersquids, Lisa Tran-Shepherd Jr, Lonnie Lowe Jr, Lorenzo Colangeli, Massimiliano Grotti, Matt Bowers, Matt Frank, Mauricio Campetella, Micah Myers, Michael Watson, Morgan Iverson, Nathan Chio, Octavia Moon, Oscar Pinto, Paul Hanley, Rafael Gallardo, Ramel HIll, Roman Phoenix Stevens, Ron Joseph, Sam Agro, Sarah White, Sean Mack, Seth Martel, Simon Fernandes, Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos, Stan Yak, Theresa Chiechi, Timothy Sparvero, Tony Klapper, Victor Santiago, Wes Locher, Wiktor Talaga, and William Satterwhite!  

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