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Welcome back to the SDCC experience series! This is volume three of a multi-part series, so be sure to check back tomorrow for the final part!

Here are the previous posts if you haven’t read them already!

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SDCC 2020: Know How You Can Enjoy It At Home - VideoTapeNews

Panels, Panels, and More Panels…

From highlighting LGBTQ+ characters and creators to learning original stories alongside exclusive new releases from Disney+, the hundreds of virtual panels offered this year present just about everything pop culture that you could ever want. With the new reality of Zooming to connect with fellow geeks, creators, and cast members, there was bound to be a learning curve to conquer while filming and attending these panels. That was evident across the board (especially within the first few days). As with the awkward video calls we all have grown to love, several of the lineups were filled with delays, technical difficulties, and those ever enjoyable moments of silence that always seem to come up during a meeting. However, a lot of the panel members were easily able to roll with these issues, incorporate it into their presentation, and put on a great show. Here are some highlights of my favorite panels across the board this year… 

Disney+’s Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe



Dan Povenmire (creator, executive producer, and star), Jeff “Swampy” Marsh (creator, executive producer), and Bob Bowen (director). This panel also includes the stars of the upcoming movie Ashley Tisdale (Candace), Vincent Martella (Phineas Flynn), Maulik Pancholy (Baljeet), and Dee Bradley Baker (Perry the Platypus). 


Join the creators and the original voices of the beloved Phineas and Ferb cast as they break down their favorite behind the scenes moments, stories, exclusive sneak peaks, and their favorite memories leading up to the upcoming Disney+ movie, Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Candace Against the Universe.

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Movie webpage


Such a Beautiful Day- An original song from the CVTU soundtrack. 


Growing up, Phineas and Ferb was one of my favorite shows and I know I wouldn’t be who I am today without it. So of course, this was going to be one of my favorite panels. I love being able to hear the stories from on set of the original series and some BTS of the upcoming film. CVTU was made almost entirely during quarantine so the animators, voice actors, and producers had to work exclusively through virtual platforms to make this movie a reality. During the panel, fans got to check out the first song on the exclusive original soundtrack along with a preview. I am really excited to see the final product streaming exclusively on Disney+ starting August 28th. 



Zombies and Coronavirus: Planning for the Next Big Outbreak



Author Max Brooks (World War Z, The Zombie Survival Guide, Devolution), biodefense experts Dr. Greg Koblentz (George Mason University), Dr. Gigi Gronvall (Johns Hopkins University), Dr. Shanna Ratnesar-Shumate (University of Nebraska Medical Center), Dr. Jarod Hanson (USAMRIID and University of Maryland Medical Center), and moderator Justin Hurt (Comic-Con Today assistant editor). 


Ever feel that the current pandemic feels just a little too much like a zombie apocalypse? Then this is the panel for you. Watch this intriguing breakdown of what we have learned from our most recent issues and how to prepare for a future zombie apocalypse with authors of books such as The Zombie Survival Guide Devolution and World War Z alongside biodefense experts giving you real world tips and tricks while having a bit of fun in the process. 


I think at this point we are all a bit tired of hearing about COVID-19, but surprisingly, this was a fun twist on the current situation with some factual claims that might actually help in a walking dead situation. This is a bit of a slower panel, but I thought that it was really fun to listen to this group of educated zombie enthusiasts going back and forth giving their take on how to potentially stay safe if some brain craving creatures decided to roam about.  I highly recommend giving it a watch. 



LGBTQ Characters on Television – What’s Next? 



Brian Michael Smith (9-1-1: Lone Star), Jamie Chung (Once Upon A Time), Jamie Clayton (Roswell: New Mexico), Wilson Cruz (Star Trek: Discovery), Tatiana Maslany (Perry Mason), Anthony Rapp (Star Trek: Discovery), J. August Richards (Council of Dads), Harry Shum, Jr. (Shadowhunters), moderated by Jim Halterman (TV Guide magazine).


Catch some of your favorite actors from blockbuster series like Once Upon A Time and 9-1-1: Lone Star, as they discuss the current, past, and future representation of LGBTQ+ characters in TV with a question and answer panel hosted by moderated by Jim Halterman. 


I am so sick of the lack of representation of LGBTQ+ characters in TV, and when there is, the blatant stereotypes and tropes that consume the character whole. This panel was a great look into the minds of the actors who portray and are a part of the LGBTQ community. It’s a great way to really show the power of representation in popular programming. They talked about hard hitting issues, what needs to change, and where the future of diversity on the big screen and otherwise is going. This year, SDCC offered several panels touching on diversification in popular culture. This was hands down one of my favorite panels, and I really hope it reaches more people. 

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Lily’s Panel Recommendations:

Over the course of these few weeks, I have watched about 90% of the 2020 SDCC panels. Here is a list of some of my favorites and some of the most popular videos to come out of the event. You can find out more about the titles below on the official program list. 

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That’s it for now! Check back for the next part tomorrow…

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