Kickstarter Spotlight: The Grave

  • The Grave (tpb)
  • Created, Written, & Illustrated by David Taylor
  • On Kickstarter NOW… fully funded in under 24 hours

A ‘56 Buick Coupe, a case full of cash, a custom Colt 1911 and a dead body. 

That’s what he found at a lonely desert motel and he nearly got killed for it. Now he wants revenge. But with every wound he inflicts, painful truths bleed through for everyone in his path.

From the murderous cops he’s hunting to the people who care for him most, they’ll have to decide if they’re victims, survivors or something worse. 

After all, what’s one more body in the grave he’s digging? 

The Grave is an action thriller with a whole load of noir attitude.

I want to keep things simple, so here’s the list of rewards and current stretch goals:

  •  The Grave – a 132-page digest size graphic novel (print or digital) in gritty black and white
  •  David Taylor’s Digital Delights – a digital bundle including Decades (152 pages), HER! (60 pages) and my Digging The Grave sketchbook (16 pages)
  •  Movie mini-prints – four exclusive prints based on movies that inspired The Grave
  • Stretch goal 1 (FUNDED!) – Four exclusive A5 prints from some of the finest indie comic creators out there, for all backers at Colt 1911 tiers and above. Here are some samples…
1 by PL Woods / 2 by Walt Maxine / 3 by James Notarianni / 4 by James Corcoran
  • Stretch goal 2 at £950 – an exclusive variant cover by comic legend, Alex Ogle, the guy who created these iconic images…

High-end rewards

  •  Exclusive digital commission – whatever you want (but be tasteful) drawn in digital ink and tones, shared as an A4 PDF and high quality print
  •  very exclusive pencil, ink, Copic commission – I’ll pick a scene or characters from The Grave and put it down on A4 Bristol paper (190GSM). 

 The art, lettering and design are complete. I’m ready to go to print as soon as the campaign finishes. Here’s one of my favourite pages from the book.

Get an exclusive preview of the first 32 pages now.

David Taylor is a Scottish-born artist, writer and all-round creative type. He’s created three projects so far: his debut graphic novel Decades, a serial killer thriller; the webcomic HER! a homage to the great pulp crime comics of the 50s; and his most recent graphic novel, The Grave. 

He’s also an award-winning content creator for several big businesses. When he isn’t working or making comics, he’s reading them, obsessing about movies, spending time with his misbehaving nieces, and making noise. 

“Absolutely loved issue one of Grave. The characters and dialogue hooked me straight off the bat and the art was a perfect fit to the moody hard-boiled story.” Christian Carnouche, writer of The Resurrected 

“Terrific – great first issue, tense, suspenseful with a real pulpy James M. Cain feel to it.” | Fraser Campbell, writer of Alex Automatic and The Edge Off

“If you love Brubaker crime noir books, you’re going love this one!!” | Indie Alley

“HER! is an outstanding example of the gold that can be found in independent comics.” |

Let’s dig the grave together

I’m super proud of this book and I hope you’ll enjoy it too. Every pledge counts, so if we hammer through the target, I’ve got a couple of cool ideas for stretch goals to show my appreciation. Thank you for reading and thanks for your support, however you choose to get involved. I can’t wait to share my story with you.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll be eager to see some more of the story. Knock yourself out on this short sample. By the way, there’s a bit (lot) of violence.  

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