Pullbox Reviews: The High Priestess GN – Once More Into The Divine

Words and art by Rees Finlay

Available exclusively through Comichaus; Kickstarter for issues 1-4 launching March 1, 2019 – support him now!

Holly Peters might have had a great life. She just can’t remember it.

She’s been recruited from the afterlife, resurrected, and is now on assignment in the world from which she was abruptly removed. Wearing a mask and with the help of a chain-smoking angel Gabriel, Holly is now the High Priestess. She’s on the case of robbers, drug-smugglers and child abductors, all while trying to make sense of her place in the world.

In a down-to-Earth battle for Heaven and Hell, Holly seems to be caught in the middle; a pawn on a celestial chess board. Currently nudged by Gabriel, there are definitely larger forces at work. What we do know for sure is that Chris, Holly’s fiancee, might have been involved in her death and hasn’t gotten over it. The art is a bit gritty, but for a sanctified crime story, it totally works.

While much less personal than his last GN, The Blue Flame, Finlay manages to lay another divine hand in his work, both words and art. You feel both Holly’s sense of purpose for her mission, and her consternation with both past and future. The visceral rawness of his previous work is still present, but perhaps a bit more refined as he moves from first to third person. It’s a well-paced story that tells you just enough to hook you in, but not enough to allow you to stop reading.

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